The Mountain View Guest Facility is a bed & breakfast accommodation situated in Bamboo Close, Maracas Valley approximately 2km from the University of Southern Caribbean. It is one of two guest houses managed by the University.

The Guest Facility offers seven (7) guest rooms which include:

  • Five (5) queen-sized rooms
  • One (1) king-sized room
  • One (1) double full-sized room.

There is also an adjoining apartment that offers accommodation of two rooms, containing a queen and a double bed.

The facility gives a comfortable “home away from home” atmosphere to our guests and university family that use the facility. We maintain sound Adventist principles and offer a non-smoking, alcohol-free and meat-free environment.

To ensure guests always enjoy a comfortable and clean stay, our facility provides an engaging 'maintain quality' approach offering you the personalized feel of being at home.