Health & safety

The Mountain View Guest Facility is monitored by surveillance camera (24hrs) and by periodic campus security checks/patrols. There is an automatic gate entry to the area where the guest house is located. This gate remains open during the day, however, after 8pm the gate closes. Campus security is notified to open the gate when entry is required after 8pm.

In case of emergency

There is a muster point for emergency cases. In such an event guest will quickly but calmly exit their room and make way out of the building. It must be noted that each room as a second door (apart from main room entrance door) that leads to an outside exit. The staff should be notified of the situation.

Help numbers: USC Security 622-2241 ext. 1144, Fire 990 / 991, Ambulance 811


We desire you have a hassle free stay. Regular maintenance needs is done during assigned maintenance checks, at least two days a week.  However things do malfunction or breakdown. In this event, we're sure to correct it. If needed, a maintenance representative is assigned to attend to all maintenance needs during assigned maintenance checks, at least two days a week. Should urgent attention be needed please inform our staff.